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Watercolor Texture Pack

Von Glitschka

Watercolor Texture Pack

$ 22.00


Watercolor painting is a Blast, but one wrong move with the brush, and you have to scrap your entire project and start again… UGH!  What a PAIN!

Because of this, we were determined to find a Better Way to compose & render watercolors!

The solution was PERFECT!...
We have laboriously generated an exhaustive set of 46 high resolution watercolor textures that are non destructively stackable, mixable, maskable, clipable, blendable, colorable and sizable!  WOW!
These textures are NOT cheap imitations cranked out using a simulated process via an app, THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL!
Each one was Painstakingly painted, scanned, cleaned up and built from genuine high quality watercolor paint applied to real watercolor paper.
Tons of textures were produced, but only THE BEST were chosen for this pack.
These have all the characteristic details that you expect to see with watercolors… The pooling of pigment toward the edges, deposits of paint in the paper’s toothy surface, water creeping into paper fibers at the edges and beautiful swirls and gradients throughout.
Not only are these 46 .tifs 1200 dpi, but each texture has been made into a Photoshop brush as well in case you prefer to work with them that way.
One of the BEST things about this pack is the fact that Von Glitschka, renowned instructor and illustrative designer, takes you through 2 easy to understand video tutorials on how to use these textures in Illustrator and Photoshop!  All his working files are included, along with 2 additional FREE speckle textures to use.
NOTHING IS LEFT OUT! You'll soon be on your way to slinging watercolors like a pro!
  • 46 genuine hi resolution hand painted watercolor textures, so you never run out of variety.
  • 46 Photoshop brushes, so if you prefer working on .PSD files, you can quickly get started.
  • 2 incredibly thorough BONUS video tutorials so you can get up and running in seconds!
  • A super handy quick reference guide (.PDF) so you know what each texture looks like before you utilize it
  • BONUS - 10 extra textures, so you feel completely satisfied with your amount of texture choices
Snap these up today and start exercising FULL CONTROL over your Watercolor Artwork!

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