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Hello! My name is Paul Howalt. I’m a designer, illustrator and photographer located in the Phoenix metro area.  I started Go Faster Labs in 2016 to provide powerful, yet easy to use, downloadable creative tools for digital artists. 

When I began my career in 1991 with the CSA Design Co in Minneapolis, design was more of an art form. We all did our work by hand on Mayline drafting tables, did paste ups with photocopiers & wax, then cut rubylith color separations to build layered acetate mechanicals to later be shot by stat cameras.  Computers were a novelty in the design process and there were only a handful of digital typefaces available (mostly from Font Shop & Emigre). 

I remember my first professional identity project was creating the Turner Classic Movies logo. I rendered it at 200%, entirely with a black felt tip Flair pen and White Out… You gotta laugh, but I suspect that the warmth and slight irregularity is one of the reasons it’s still in use today.

Over time, the profession seems to have polarized, and a lot of work has become much less expressive. I've run into way too many creatives who feel that their work has lost the hand crafted "soul" it once had. 

With nagging deadlines constantly looming, it becomes harder and harder to take the time to figure out how we can create the art and effects we envision in order to breathe life into our work. Many times we just give up and go straight to our generic 'built in' application tool palettes, making everything look boring, stiff, generic and stale.



My desire with Go Faster Labs is to provide digital creatives with tools we can EASILY incorporate into our workflow, for QUICKLY nailing the look and feel that makes our work more closely resemble the masterpiece we originally intended.

I want YOU to start having fun again expressing your own unique visual voice with a fast, fun & soulful creative process.

So browse around the shop… Start collecting & playing with some of these amazing design tools today!

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